Brick Art

Sculptures made of Bricks

About my work

I create sculptures with Lego bricks. I build pretty much everything and anything. Objects, people, animals. If possible all my works are lifesize creations.

It´s especially interesting for me to capture motion and organic forms with angular bricks. Despite my abition to build naturalistic sculptures I do not hide the knobs to preserve the "iconic" Lego look.

I don´t use any software to create my lego models. It´s just hands and eyes and bricks. Normally I start with the eyes and then it grows from the head to the tail. For non-living objects it´s quite similar - just without any head or tail. :)

Lego bricks are a very nice and versatile medium to create plastic art. They provide a lot of opportunities, which go beyond most other materials but still are very convenient to work with.

Marginal Note

Although the English word sculpture is more commonly used for my type of creations, I prefer to call it plastic art rather than sculptures. Sculpture comes from Latin "sculpere" which means "take away". "Plastic" developed from ancient Greek "plasso" for "to build up", which perfectly describes my work.